Jay | 2017/10/08 at 08:30 am | from IN

Same song getting repeated for the past 30 mins

ponnuchamy | 2017/10/08 at 07:12 am | from US

It seems once in a while there is a song start with "Bomalattam adathan" is going in the loop. Same songs played again and again for long time. Today (now) same loop playing. After time announcement or after song message it is playing again and again. This happened some time back as well.

K NATARAJAN, INDIA | 2017/09/22 at 12:10 am | from IN

When you announce the time please add A.M/P.M since you are global

Siva | 2017/09/20 at 10:30 am | from IE

Very unique Tamil radio, the one I cannot live without. One annoying problem. Someone gives a tips about computers and software which they are very very outdated, at least it must be 15-20 years old tips. Can you please remove those?

D KRISHNAN | 2017/09/15 at 09:35 pm | from IN

அழகிய தமிழ் அனைத்து நிழச்சிகளும் அருமை. காமெடி பாடல் வசனம் என்று அனைத்தையும் கலந்து வழங்குகிறீர்கள். தொடரட்டும் உங்கள்சேவை

NatC | 2017/09/12 at 12:10 pm | from US

I love Kalasam. How do I listen to your archives?

குரு | 2017/09/02 at 09:07 pm | from IN

அழகு, அருமை, சூப்பர்...

Noel fernadno | 2017/09/01 at 07:19 am | from US

your transmission has an error which keep on play the same few seconds kamalahasans talk. please reset the system. thanks.

Ramesh | 2017/08/31 at 05:25 pm | from US

I am an ardent follower of this radio station thanks to its lively programs and its positive outlook. Of late, the quality of audio has got worsened and few programs are getting repeated. Just now, I flipped from Kalasam to other station as there was lot of noises.

ajen kandy | 2017/08/29 at 02:13 am | from GB

please check the audio of some of you movie sound clips, they are terrible.

C.A.SATHIYAMOORTY | 2017/08/11 at 09:32 pm | from IN

very nice tamil FM....

Baskar Gopalan | 2017/07/14 at 08:37 am | from US

Kalam.com is the only radio I listen to throughout the day because they stream both songs and comedy clips. They have excellent collections. I even stopped paying for music subscription services. The only request I have for them is to normalize volume. I am tired of increasing volume for comedy clips and reducing volume for songs. Thanks

Dr Kannan | 2017/05/14 at 02:32 am | from GB

Fantastic service, Thai mozhi-kku oru nalla sevai. I hear every day esp when driving, Beautiful Tamilzh anecdotes and quotes, Adv re computer tips are excellent- can these be avbl on the website please. I like the time reminders (despite Canadian local time)- Vazgha vallamudan.

mohamed ibrahim | 2017/05/11 at 10:23 am | from IN

very super program very interesting program very nice

ajen kandy | 2017/05/11 at 09:49 am | from GB

how long are you going to keep repeating the vivegam trailer? enough.

Kitchel A Rahman | 2017/04/22 at 11:24 am | from LK

I am at Srilanka. Now time 10.51 PM. Just I listen the Kalakkap powathu Yaru Neethi Film Back round Mobile Balance Offense Case. real Superb.. I Like I Love Kalasam FM

Saleem | 2017/04/09 at 05:46 am | from IN

Hi, I really love Kalasam, it is very different from others by not having only songs but also comedy, interviews, TV programs, programs from older times. How you guys manage to get all these?. Need to make 1 suggestion the volume level is not balanced, ie when during songs it is high then for rest it is low, it would be better if you maintain same audio level.

Diwakar | 2017/04/04 at 09:47 am | from IN

I get attached with kalasam due to high quality of broadcast musiq and others

Suganthan | 2017/03/29 at 12:28 pm | from US

Thank you for intelligent services.

ajen kandy | 2017/03/16 at 05:59 am | from GB

station gone quiet...

Diwakar N | 2017/03/09 at 10:57 am | from IN

I like kalasam because , there is a mix of songs and some cuts from movies

| 2017/02/21 at 12:11 pm | from US

can you broad cast the song of sage sage thumara berty en pondaty song please???????????

துரைராஜா சேதுபதி | 2017/02/10 at 12:29 am | from CH

பல வருட கலசம் நேயர் ..உங்களின் சேவை தனிகரற்றது ..இப்படி ஒரு தமிழ் வானொலி கிடைக்குமா என்று ஏங்கியதுண்டு ..உங்களை வாழ்த்த வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை...மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துக்கள் . from...Lausanne ,Switzerland

Saravana Kumar | 2017/02/05 at 11:32 am | from IN

Kalasam has been a great companion while I was in US and CA. Even now, though I am in Coimbatore, I listen to Kalasam.com everyday morning thru Amazon Tap-Alexa. Keep up the great job Kalasam Team.

Karthi | 2017/01/30 at 05:16 pm | from US

Kalasam is my traveling companion. It keeps my wife shuts and opens my world. ;) ;)

appan.pks,erode | 2017/01/28 at 09:28 pm | from IN

First I LOVE OUR CHANNEL. One Suggs: all songs High sound.But, after end song, other news is Half SOUND. ONLY SONGS HIGH SOUND. Pls Check equal sound. song time volume ok. Other news time volume Veryslow. Pls check.

G vijayakumar | 2017/01/19 at 12:18 pm | from JO

Entertaining 24/7. never bored of this FM. Please keep doing the good job. Love this FM.. உங்கள் சேவைக்கு தலைவணங்குகிறேன்..

Veda | 2017/01/19 at 11:53 am | from FR

Is the Station down? when will it be back?

sundernath | 2017/01/19 at 09:20 am | from US

Your station has no audio for the past several hours. How do I call you next time this happens?

ajen kandy | 2017/01/19 at 06:44 am | from GB

is the radio down?

Rajesh | 2017/01/05 at 12:00 pm | from US

I have been hearing your online stream long enough that i dont know when i started :-). Lately i hear most of the movie songs from old one, like 1960 or less ? Any change in plans ?

Naresh | 2016/12/31 at 03:33 am | from AE

I have been listening to Kalasam FM since 2008. this has become a part of my life, since day one. Extraordinary radio with manifold style. keep music. :)

Naresh | 2016/12/31 at 03:31 am | from AE

I have been listening to Kalasam FM since 2008. this has become a part of my life, since day one. Extraordinary radio with manifold style. keep music. :)

veronica | 2016/12/28 at 03:57 pm | from US

Please tell us the movie name, which one you are playing a comedy scene.

Karen Leanne Sandberg | 2016/12/27 at 05:12 am | from PH

In 1837, the British replaced Persian with English for administrative purposes, and the Hindi movement of the 19th Century replaced the Persianised vocabulary for one derived from Sanskrit also replacing the use of the Perso-Arabic script for Hindi/Hindustani with Devanagari.?/ British colonial legacy has resulted in English being a language for government, business and education. English, along with Hindi, is one of the two languages permitted in the Constitution of India for business in Parliament. Despite the fact that Hindi has official Government patronage and serves as a lingua franca over large parts of India, there was considerable opposition to the use of Hindi in the southern states of India, and English has emerged as a de facto lingua franca over much of India.?

ajen kandy | 2016/12/21 at 08:32 am | from GB

is it broken?

Manssor Mohamed | 2016/12/17 at 01:23 pm | from US

Thank you for all the clean service. Peace-full and best collection of songs / Clips. Kalasam keep me going my good mood.

Sujatha S | 2016/12/17 at 01:28 am | from JP

Kalasam is my soul made. I speaks just like I wish. When it dose not work, I just loose my day. I become depressed. Love you Kalasam. ;)

Ranch | 2016/12/16 at 12:11 pm | from US

Very impressive and good work. Thanks. Appreciate keeping the radio up. Sometimes when it doesnt work I feel like missing something in my commute. Agree with previous comment on announcing the movie name. You play good ones and when we want to hear it again not much of luck if we are not a movie buff. Awesome mix of songs, comedy, Neeya Naana, Suki Sivam/other tamil speech clippings, and lot more....

NOEL | 2016/12/14 at 09:27 am | from US


Smithe958 | 2016/12/13 at 11:17 pm | from TR

Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing! bebdafbakekedefg

Sundernath | 2016/12/08 at 01:22 pm | from US

There is no audio for he past several hours

Jay | 2016/12/08 at 08:04 am | from GB

I love Kalasam radio... mainly the mix of songs and jokes... I enjoy... but not working today... why ?? please fix it soon....

Ram siva | 2016/11/23 at 11:04 am | from US

The best tamil online radio. in my experience one request ... please give more old and mid time tamil songs some times the same song s coming if you can the news like bbc tamil thanks for your service and continue

Krishna | 2016/11/14 at 06:22 am | from US

Entertaining 24/7. never bored of this FM. Please keep doing the good job. Love this FM.

Krishna | 2016/11/14 at 06:21 am | from US

Entertaining 24/7. never bored of this FM. Please keep doing the good job. Love this FM.

Rajeenth and Srikanth | 2016/11/14 at 06:14 am | from GB

pls put this song for my friend srikanth niththam niththam marukinra eththanaiper. Rajeenth

Kitchel A Rahman | 2016/11/13 at 12:45 am | from LK

Please Broad Cast the song Dheiwathin Thereduththu Dheviyai Thedu Film Pattum Parathmum

Dhana | 2016/11/08 at 07:28 pm | from US

Please put some happy songs during morning and night. Not sad songs. in general, you guys are rocking...I love this radio.

Kitchel A Rahman | 2016/11/05 at 03:13 am | from LK

I am at Polgawela ,Srilanka, Daily I am Travelling 5 Hours. I Listen Lot of Radios. But With out Boring the Best & My First chois Radio Kalasam. Working time 8 Hourse & Traveling Time I am Listen always Kalasam FM at online. Superb. Best Wishers

Sp sekar | 2016/10/30 at 05:03 pm | from US

வணக்கம் இந்த பாடல்கள் இனிமை நன்றி

Naga Rajan | 2016/10/30 at 04:51 pm | from US

Hai good evening sir iam nagarajan living from Bahrain native place tamilnadu.your kalasam fm program I did hearing very nice thank you sir, I want samsara Athu oru minsaram song

Godwin Thiru | 2016/10/21 at 07:52 am | from US

What the fuck. Its an AMAZING radio. Last two days I am listening. One of my friend insisted me to listen. Thank you Krishna. You did a good intor to me (At last ;). )

Ram Kumar | 2016/10/20 at 05:33 pm | from US

Awesome - favorite channel - for my long distance travel - song selection - movie clippings - comedy - other program clippings - excellent. Keep up this unique work - you will reach miles.............

Jegan | 2016/10/17 at 04:07 pm | from US

Your channel is my favorite and listen to everyday. The biggest challenge is the songs are so random that one song is from 80s and the next song is from 60s and the next one is very new. Please gr

Rajesh | 2016/10/06 at 02:52 pm | from US

All your programs are great i listen almost everyday all day for the last 5+ years. All great programs, jokes, tips, movie audio clips, thanks for doing dedicated 24 hours. Its a dedicated FM to Tamil

Peter Parker | 2016/10/03 at 03:28 pm | from US

You got a great program i wholeheartedly love it. Last 2 days your stream seems down and made me limp :-) hope you are bringing it back.

Venu | 2016/10/03 at 12:56 pm | from CA

Could you please check the stream ? The Radio stream is not working. Thanks

Srikumar | 2016/09/23 at 01:21 am | from AU

Hi Great Program, love it. Just wondering can you please let me know about the comedy clip I heard on 22.09.2016 at 4.00 am

karthik(rama) | 2016/09/21 at 08:48 am | from CA

no doubt - great radio channel! I love to listen always! Keep continue your great work!

Sathish Nataraj | 2016/09/20 at 02:45 pm | from IN

கலசம்.. கலைகள் (இசை, சொற்பொழிவு, செய்திகள், சிந்தனைகள், தன்னம்பிக்கை) கலவையெ

anbalagan singaram | 2016/09/08 at 05:46 pm | from US

Kalasam is living in my Heart

Siva Mohan | 2016/09/08 at 03:06 pm | from US

Everyday Kalasam teaches the meaning, worth of life and gives confidence & Hope to life to live, is there any link i can listen again as "pullam perithal speach" was telecast yesterday 5:30 PM PST. O

Siva Kumarasamy | 2016/09/02 at 05:23 pm | from US

Thank you for Pothikai.com for old songs

Sivalingam Ram | 2016/09/02 at 06:33 am | from US

Supper!. Excellent sound quality. Best of the best

Suresh | 2016/08/25 at 08:54 pm | from IN

அருமையான நிகழ்ச்சிகள்.. இன்னும் புதிய நிகழ்ச்சிகலை வழங்கவேண்டும்..

Kanda Kaliappan | 2016/08/23 at 04:45 pm | from US

Team, first of all - THANK YOU. The format is great. Just like the frequent clips on amma, please add more clips about appa. For the medical tips and other similar things, if possible share the source

Saraswathy Ravi | 2016/08/19 at 08:56 am | from US

Who is the voice of the time. So mezmerizing. Love it . Love it . love it. The voice so wonderfull, makes me happy and fall in love.

Mohan | 2016/08/17 at 11:55 pm | from GB

Love this channel, you deserve the best choice among all. Thank you KALASAM Team

Joe | 2016/08/16 at 06:27 pm | from CA

Nice radio

Thulashi Subaraj | 2016/08/11 at 08:00 am | from CA

Everyday Kalasam teaches me the meaning/worth of life and gives confidence / Hope in life.. Thak you guys for thinking differently.

Ramanan Bala | 2016/08/10 at 03:06 pm | from US

Best of all Tamil Radios. Thank you guys.

Raj. Gopal | 2016/08/09 at 10:18 am | from CA

Nothing to say all the program are best I was listen since2011 to now.

Sylvia Suthar | 2016/08/07 at 12:07 pm | from US

அறிவிப்பாளர்களின் அதி மேதாவி தனமான உரையாடல்கள் மூலமாக எரிச்சல் ஊத்திடாம

ratnakumar | 2016/08/06 at 07:47 am | from GB

thanks kalasam bestchices old song

JAMSITH JARRI | 2016/08/06 at 01:48 am | from LK


Andrea S | 2016/08/04 at 02:52 pm | from CA

Love your station ! Can you tell me the artist and name of the song that played on Saturday, July 30 at around 11:03am? Thanks

Nirmala R | 2016/08/01 at 01:55 pm | from US

Thank you for the best choices of songs and other Clips. The Kalasam team is the best.

Kumar Nanthan | 2016/07/27 at 08:18 am | from BR

I AM in Brazil. Only Tamil radio that keep me in peace and entertain is Kalasam. I can send you Olympic live. If you like contact me, please. Vaalka Thamil.

Muhsin | 2016/07/26 at 02:50 am | from LK

Pls send ur contact no for twitter service

Theresa | 2016/07/22 at 03:16 pm | from GB

Thank you for keeping my mind at peace and giving hope always. Only one Kalasam can do this.

vasanthan | 2016/07/22 at 11:35 am | from CA

Anna you and Kalasam great you keep your self really far to teach. this come to my heart long time go very long time go.

Suresh Navaratnam | 2016/07/17 at 08:36 pm | from US

Keep going. Much appreciated.

Sabaratnam | 2016/07/17 at 03:25 pm | from US

My days are made by Kalasam. Thank you guys

Latha Sivalingam | 2016/07/12 at 04:24 pm | from CA

Thank you for keep us motivated in life and best choice of songs.. Goodluck

Ranchitha | 2016/07/11 at 03:15 pm | from US

I am a long time listener. Thank you for great gift of songs and gem selections.

அம்பிகா நளன் | 2016/07/11 at 11:48 am | from CA

அமைதியான , ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் இல்லாத அறிவு சார் வானொலி. தமிழின் பெருமையையும் , தன